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-Red Roses are the symbols you need when your heart beat erratic tones, and you don’t know how to express all you feel to the one you love.


-The most powerful description of life is how the once glowing Rose petal eventually loses it’s luster, fades away and falls to the ground. Nothing in life is permanent.

-If Love was a Rose bush, the thorns are the basis on which selection is made of those who really deserve the affection which we all eagerly seek.

-Love is not for everyone, it’s an exclusive club where only those who can endure the thorns on the Rose have a pass.

-The same stem that feeds the Rose petals feeds the thorns, and so feeding your affection opens up a well that could nurture deep hurt and pain.

-If you’ve ever thought of a Blue Rose and how rare it is, you would understand that there’s some kind of beauty that would only forever in our dreams.

-Everyone likes to see the Roses and smell the beautiful fragrance but only few want to see the torn hands that braved the thorns.

-There may be many flowers in a man's life, but there is only one rose.


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